Ready for Microsoft Windows 10?

Windows 10 was released as a "free" upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users in the summer of 2015. This offer has since expired, but we can still upgrade your licensed Windows 7 or 8 computers to Windows 10 for free (subject to availability).

The new version of Windows has been causing some problems. If you expect to replace your computer before your existing Windows is retired (early 2020 for Windows 7, early 2023 for Windows 8.1), it might be best just to stick with what you have for now

If you upgraded to Windows 10 and are unhappy with it, you have 10 days to revert to your previous version. See the Update/Recovery panel in Settings. If it's too late to revert or that option is unavailable, a backup of your files and reinstall of your previous version will be required.

We can do this if you're uncomfortable doing that task yourself. We can also make your Windows 8 or 10 a little... shall we say, "less sucky", and a little more familiar and comfortable to use, including a beautiful start menu that looks like your old Windows instead of a bunch of spinning square tiles.

A lot of hardware and software, especially the older stuff, is not compatible with Windows 10. If you need help with older hardware or software, please let us know.

Give us a call. Talk to us about your Windows 10 issues and upgrade questions. We can help you decide whether Windows 10 is right for you, or right for you right now.