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All local calls must now be 10-digit dialed. New telephone lines in area code 715 could be assigned a new 534 number instead. This means you must now include the area code when dialing all local calls (e.g. 715-555-1234), just like in many large cities. When dialing a free local call, do not add a '1-' to the number, even if the area code is different.

Self Help Support

Lost internet connectivity

If you're having problems with your computer or internet access, the first thing you should usually try is to just shut everything down and start over. Often, a simple reboot or modem/router reset will correct whatever was wrong.

To reset your DSL or cable internet connection:

  1. Shut down the computers. Use the operating system's shutdown command, don't just pull the power plugs or flip the power switch
  2. Power off the modem and router. These devices usually don't have power switches, so you'll need to pull the power plugs. Keep track of which one goes where, because even if the plugs are the same style and size, they probably do not have the same power output or voltage.
  3. Wait a minute or two; and while you're doing that you can confirm that the network, phone and/or coax cables are securely connected, and connected to where they should be. If you have DSL, make sure you have filters on every other extension in the house, even ones that don't have a telephone connected.
  4. Power on the modem. Give it a minute or so to establish a connection before continuing. Patience may be needed here, as it can take a cable modem several minutes to connect to the cable network.
  5. Power on the router. Again, give it a minute or so to establish a connection with the modem and obtain an IP address before continuing.
  6. And finally, power on a computer, preferably one that is using a wired network connection to the router (i.e. not wireless). Allow it to fully boot-up to a working desktop before trying to access the internet.

Receive an official-looking domain "renewal" or "expiration" notice from Domain Registry of America? It's a marketing scam to get you to transfer your domain's registration from your current registrar to them, almost always at a much higher price than you're currently paying. Delete the email or shred the paper 'notice', never respond or give DRoA money.

Rogue apps and trojans can infect phones, too. Just because you download an app from an 'official' app store, doesn't mean it's entirely safe. Read more about rogue Android apps at F-Secure.

For application help, don't forget to check its online help files and official web site.

For answers to other common questions or problems, some tips and local internet access information, please browse through our self-help support pages.

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