Computer Repairs in Black River Falls and Jackson County, Wisconsin

Hard drives, memory, power supplies and other components that desktop computers are made out of, do fail from time to time. If your computer is less than a few years old, it is usually more cost-effective to repair it, rather than replace it.

Or, sometimes Windows gets goofed up to the point it doesn't run right, or at all, and the best thing to do is to backup data and reinstall Windows. When we reinstall Windows on an existing system, we backup data (when possible) before proceeding, so we can copy it back to the computer after Windows is reinstalled. We'll also update Windows and install other provided software, just as if it were a new computer setup.

The most common repairs cost less than $100-150, parts and labor, depending on cost of parts and time spent. If your system does require more parts and work than is worth putting into it, or more than you've stated you want to spend, we will let you know so that you can consider other options, such as replacing it.

We can perform some repair work on-site, but it is usually best to bring the computer to our office; it's cheaper, too.

Please call for more information about our computer repair services.