What We Sell: Custom Built Computers

Our systems are custom configured and built-to-order for you. We use only standard, off-the-shelf components and include actual, genuine installation media for Windows and other bundled software. No shortcuts, no hassles, no proprietary parts, and no being stranded without a Windows CD when you need it the most.

Our custom-configured systems are individually built and tested. We update the operating system, drivers, and other software so you can get right to work or play. We'll work with you to ensure your system is ready to go from the moment you first turn it on.

The only software you'll find on your new custom-built computer from Black River PC is what you ask for. Nothing more, nothing less. If you don't want it, it won't be there. Less clutter translates into better performance and fewer hassles out of the box.

We service what we sell. Do you think Dell or HP is actually going to come knocking on your door? Not a chance! Along with technical support, their warranty service is contracted out (i.e. "outsourced"), and occasionally that maze of contractors and sub-contractors ends up at a small shop, just like us. We do offer nationwide on-site warranties, just like they do, but we will still be the ones providing the service in our area.

Prefer a "Name Brand" PC?

If a 'name brand' computer fits your needs or budget better than a custom-built system and you want to go that way, we can do that too; either purchased from us, or we can tell you what you should buy based upon your requirements and where to go for the best deal.

Have more questions? Talk to us. We'll give you the straight answers you can't get from Dell, HP, Compaq or Gateway.